Welcome to  Cais Da Bahia we are an affiliated group located in the USA. My name is Instructor Vulcao,  I have been a dedicated practitioner of Capoeira for 20 years. It saved my life, became a way of life for me to grow, meet other amazing people, travel and move ahead to become an entrepreneur. I've trained with many Mestres of Capoeira during my travels, learned so much from that experience, took what i learned to strengethen my skills, and it made me a more well rounded person.  I have had the honor to watch many of my fellow Capoeira friends rise to top and flourish within the art. I'm honored to be able to assist to you and your family for Capoeira is the way to go if you are looking for strengthening yourself in ways that you thought were impossible. Come join us.  


President of Cais Da Bahia
Mestre Tico Tico

Mestre Tico Tico is a member of Cais Da Bahia, an international Capoeira organization founded in Minas Gerais Brazil, where he trained under Mestre Chocolate. Mestre Tico Tico began studying capoeira at the age of 5, and achieved the designation of instructor at the age of 15. Been in the US for 13 years teaching capoeira. Continuous study of Capoeira for 30 years, now leads Cais da Bahia USA in Framingham, MA. He invites you to come and visit us at Cais da Bahia USA, to learn more and practice the art of capoeira. .

The Cultural and Social Center Pier Bahia was founded in April 15,1990 by founder and creater Silvio Renato Cesario dos Santos (Chocolate Master). He started activities in the city of Belo Horizonte, in Benedict Street Neighborhood New Granada, developing work in order to offer new ways of living and social integration providing children, youth and adults the opportunity to cultivate and preserve their origins through Capoeira.


Mestre Tico Tico

Constra Mestre Bulldog has been a practioner of Capoeira for more than 20 years ago in Brazil learning under Mestre Tico Tico. He continued his Capoeira education in Cais Da Bahia with Mestre Chocolate who formed him. He says,"Capoeira for me is a lifestyle and Cais Da Bahia is a family I do not want to separate myself from anymore."